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coupons…my experience

In our area there aren’t any stores that double or triple coupons.  That’s where the big savings are.   We have three stores to choose  from, sort of.  Walmart, HEB, and the commissary.  HEB accepts coupons and they also have their own in store coupons.  I like this because you don’t have to remember them.  They tape them right to the shelf for you and even cluster their “meal deals” together.  For instance buy 1 lb of ground chuck and get taco seasoning, 8oz sour cream, 8oz shred cheese, tortilla chips, and salsa for free.  They call these “meal deals”.  They aren’t always great deals, like when you have to buy a fully cooked ham to get some free sides.  Well that ham is going to cost $25.  If you were going to buy it to begin with, then great, but I won’t pay that for a ham. 

Walgreens is a store that few people think of when it comes to savings.  They allow “coupon stacking” though.  There are coupons every Sunday in the Walgreens ad.  There are also coupons once a month in a monthly booklet available in store (and rebates).  If you have a Walgreens coupon for colgate tooth paste and you have a manufacturer coupon from the Sunday paper, the internet, from product packaging, or even a peel off coupon…as long as it says “manufacturer coupon”…then you can buy 1 tube of toothpaste and use both the store coupon and the manufacturer one together.  So Walgreens doesn’t have a lot of groceries, but they have a few.  It is a good place to save on house hold goods and hygiene though.  If there’s a limit, carry it out to your car and come back.  Technically then it’s a different visit.  They also offer “register rewards”.  This is a cash like coupon good towards your “next visit”.  If you have a list of items to get and you’re going to get rewards, consider breaking your order into multiple orders so you can use those rewards right away.  There are 4 Walgreens in a 15 minute radius of me.  I’m also fond of Red Baron pizzas which often go on sale 2/$5 with a limit of 4.  I will hit each Walgreens and use my rewards towards extra pizzas, bottled water, or hygiene items that also have a limit.  I don’t go out of my way.  😀  I just sort of make a circle. LOL

The biggest coupon mistake is buying something you don’t use or buy normally just because you have a coupon…unless its free or next to nothing.  To avoid temptation I usually get rid of coupons for products I don’t use.  You can recycle them, freecycle them, or even be a good Samaritan and leave them on the shelf next to the product.  There are coupon groups like coupon choochootrain.  I found these to be a waste of time.  I rarely got coupons I could use and there are rules and requirements for coupons you share.  It’s hard to get them through the mail to someone who can use them before they expire. 

Look into coupon policies at the stores in your area before you plan your shopping trip.  Check for a dent or short dated item area.  Some stores have a shelf or corner for these items.  Tacking a coupon on top of one of these items can easily result in a free item.  Use your own judgment and experience on past date items.  Me, personally, I don’t have a problem with most slightly past date can goods as long as the top doesn’t give any and there’s no bulging. 

Meat reduced for quick sale?  Go ahead and put it straight in the freezer.  If you are concerned about how long it will keep then cook it and THEN freeze it.  I don’t know what I would do without my FoodSaver.  Tonight my husband brought home 8 family size packs of boneless skinless chicken breasts for .70 per lb!  I’m going to rinse it and vacuum seal it in spices just as soon as I finish this blog post. LOL  So I guess I’d better get on that!


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