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Two sick little chicks…

So my daughters all remind me lately of cute, fluffy, little yellow chicks.  Granted, the oldest of the 3 has brown hair and eyes so maybe just the twins are yellow and fluffy.  BUT waiting on Spring they are. (did anyone else just hear Yoda?) 

The whole house has been fighting to get over a cold since Thursday.  I don’t think being without electricity on Wednesday for over 12 hours and the house getting down to 48 degrees inside helped our immune systems any.  “They” say the cold doesn’t affect anything but it DOES make your sinuses run, doesn’t it?  Well then you end up with extra mucus that must go someplace and the extra can cause sinus irritation.  I consider it a snowball effect, personally.  Anyhow, each of the 6 (because one of our sons isn’t here) of us left in the house have spent at least 24 hours with a full blown cold since then.  I thought the girls were just over the hump yesterday and today would be roses.  Yeah…about that…no one got any sleep except my husband.  That’s because he was already getting up to go do PT when the vomiting began.  Then the twins spent from 3 am on tossing cookies.  Of course mommy was stumbling back and forth in exhaustion because she didn’t get into bed until midnight AND was awakened at 2:30 am (the usual when the other two girls I baby sit are picked up by their mommy who works nights in a club). 

So the twins are looking perkier, but i have to disinfect the whole house and especially their room.  And, boy howdy, the backside doth drageth.  Not to mention they all need to be dunked in the tub.  I’m a firm believer in “washing the sick away”.  It won’t cure you but it sure will make you feel better to be sweaky clean after going through a rough night of ill.

I had lofty expectations of getting started on sewing their summer clothes today and getting the office a little more organized.  Currently it’s piles of papers everywhere EXCEPT in the file cabinets and mixed in with all my yarn, floss, ribbon, and fabric.

Oh and I’ve got new neighbors moving in today that I have yet to meet.  I want to give a gift, but I don’t think a virus is the right one to give.  LOL

Well, the coffee cup is empty so it’s time to get up and get something accomplished.


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