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Got my hair cut!


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First decent hair cut I’ve had since I’ve been in this area! Classy Cuts in Copperas Cove, TX.

Anyhow, I’ve also been using Wen cleansing conditioner. Yeah, I bought into it after seeing a few infomercials and then a presentation on QVC. I told myself it was because my daughters have dry hair and so it would be a good thing to try. Crazy expensive but QVC had it on “easy pay”. So getting 3 months worth and actually getting to break it up into as many payments made it doable.

First day I was surprised our hair wasn’t greasy.

2 weeks later I can say all of our hair is softer and more manageable. My daughters all have long hair to mid back. The twins’ hair is dry and brittle and they usually wake up looking like birds are nesting in it. Not anymore. It still gets tangles but they brush right out without leaving kinks. My daughter, M, has uber thick oily hair. Nope, not oily anymore. Just manageable. Ok so me….I’ve colored my hair every 6 weeks since I was around 13 and I’m 34 now. LOL My thick hair seemed to be thining and was crunchy and fried. It’s softer and full of volume without too many fly aways. BUT the big thing is the shower drain. Already 1/4 of the hair as what was there each shower 2 weeks ago!

So I thought a cut was in order to trim away as much of the damaged hair as I could.

I’m still “trying” the Wen, but so far I think I’m very pleased.


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