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New Curriculum is here!

I was almost lost amidst the piles of books tonight.  No kidding.   I’m excited though.  Everything is set up for tomorrow, but it’s going to take some tweaking yet.  I’ve been teaching all three girls at the same time but this is going to have to be broken up.  M has a heavier course load than the twins so I’ll plan to get her started tomorrow morning after breakfast and then the twins.  I’m going to just try rotating them subject for subject and see if that works.  I’m considering doing one of the twins’ “read alongs” DURING breakfast though.  It won’t hurt M to listen.  I’ll just have to make sure she doesn’t answer any of the questions.  If she speaks up first, then the twins will just sort of answer with a “ditto”. 

I’ve laid out A’s Algebra 2 as well.  I think I’m more nervous about his education that any other.  He has so much potential and has excelled from the beginning.  I feel like if he’s not a rocket scientist then I failed him.  I KNOW it’s malarkey but that doesn’t stop the nagging in the back of my brain about if I’m doing him justice or not.  Home school was HIS choice though.  I ask a few times a year, especially now that he’s 16, if he wants to go to public school.  There’s never any hesitation when he says “NO”.  Still I find myself floundering and full of worry that there’s something I’m not teaching him.  I feel good about his Bible studies and he’s OBSESSED with History (ancient history actually), so he pushes himself there with the documentaries and extra reading above and beyond the regular lessons.  He has zero interest in classical literature (worrisome) and so does the bare minimum in Language Arts.  He’s ok with Science.  I feel like we could push this more, but haven’t found the right path there yet.  I’m not sure which way to branch with it.  Anyhow, math I knew was lacking.  I have just not been impressed with SOS’s math, but I’m a practical math person and not a theoretical math person.  Which is a nice way of saying that I couldn’t pass Algebra myself.  So tomorrow he starts Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 which will take him to Calculus.  He’ll just ignore the math segments in his next term of SOS.  Basically, it’s time for some research on my part.  I’ve got to start right away looking into dual credit courses at CTC for him. 

Back to the girls.  I feel really good about Sonlight.  Everything I had my hands on tonight seems so complete and really encompasses things that I know aren’t being taught in public schools at this level.  I like how there is nothing senseless or “busy work” about it .  Even the “readers” are knowledge.  Not just reading for the sake of reading, but they still work in art.  I wish I had started here with A’s education. 

OMG who knew it was as late as it is?! Off to bed for me before my sofa turns into a pumpkin.


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