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My Valentine with my Valentine’s gift…


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So the hubby got me exactly what I wanted. Jewlery? Nope, not me. He’s given jewelery before and I loved it, but I’m a practical person. A gift that makes my life easier is what rocks. So he spent today assembling my new BBQ!!! It’s a Triton Outdoor Gourmet grill with 3 gas burners and a side burner, a charcoal grill, and a side fire box…all with cast iron cooking grates.

I will be breaking this sucker in tomorrow! I’m so looking forward to a beautiful Spring and Summer of cooking out on this. BBQ chicken, country style pork ribs, brisket, grilled corn, grilled watermelon, fire roasting fresh garden veggies for canning in pasta sauce, roasted spiced apples….suddenly I feel like “Bubba” in Forest Gump….”shrimp stew…deep fried shrimp…shrimp pasta…” LMAO


5 thoughts on “My Valentine with my Valentine’s gift…

    1. I am LOVING the grill! 😀 I had a house full of soldiers yesterday for a BBQ and everything came together nicely. My only complaint, thus far, about this particular model is that there is no drip pan under the charcoal side (there is under the gas side). This wasn’t problematic until I was smoking a brisket and using the smoke box. Because there was no fire directly under the brisket to burn up the drippings, the drippings ended up on my porch. It was a quick and easy clean up though.

    1. It got rave reviews. I’m not ready for a BBQ competition, but the soldiers ate it up! What was left, I froze in foodsaver bags and we’ve already taken it out and used it up. LOL

      1. For us it is a Sunday dinner, then a Monday sandwich feast and then it goes in the trash. We don’t feed our 2 dogs scraps as they are farm dogs and we need them thin and hungry. Thanks to your husband for protecting America.

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