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My invisible darling…

So today the hubby had two ceiling fans to hang, one of which belongs in the toy room.  So I told him I’d take all 3 girls to Target in search of bean bag chairs and then swing by HomeDepot for some stain.  This way they would get out of the house, have to do a lot of walking, and they would also be out of his way.  This is a big thing because, honestly, I rarely take all my girls out by myself.  The twins are 4 and M is 6.  It can be a bit of an undertaking.  Anyhow, Target was sold out of bean bag chairs so they managed to talk me into rain boots, rain coats, and crocs.  The hubby and I just decided this morning that their old boots were completely trashed and weren’t salvageable.  So we checked out and then I pushed the cart up to the Starbucks after my fix like a drunk with the shakes.  The twins were strapped into the cart but I’m just talking away “you girls want a vanilla bean creme?”  “M?  how about you?”  “M????”  She is no where to be seen.  Of course I start yelling for her thinking she’s behind someone nearby.  Nope.  Then I see her through the glass outside the store!  She had followed someone in a similar sweater to mine out of the store and was wondering around after realising what went wrong.  I ran out of the store (twins still in my line of sight but in the Starbucks).  I was so mad, but then I noticed how she was just a little too white in the face.  When I hugged her she completely broke down crying. 

So to all those moms out there who know what it’s like to have a “worst mommy in the world” feeling, you are not alone.


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