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Redbox, Netflix, on demand…

Given the size of our family, going to the movies can be very expensive.  Even if we were lucky enough to find cheap $7 tickets, it would cost $50 for the tickets ALONE.  I remember going into Blockbuster and renting a movie for $3.25 a night and Lord spare me if for some reason I couldn’t get back to the store the very next day.  A single movie rental could end up costing us $12…and often did.  So we abandoned movie rental all together and began to just purchase them.  Then we were welcomed into the world of “on demand”.  It was awesome because no gas was wasted to drive to the rental place only to find they didn’t have the movie you wanted to see.  Then no gas to return it.  No late fees.  We sat in the comfort of our own home, with our home made dinner (not $30 worth of delivery pizza even), and our own popcorn.  There is no missing any of the movie for potty breaks. 

During one movie years ago the hubby and I each had to get up 3 times during ONE movie to take a child to the potty. 

Anyhow, so we’ve been strictly “on demand” and Netflix for years now…reserving a trip to the movies for date night.  Then came Redbox.  I discovered them on a road trip.  The kids were bored with their movie selection and I didn’t want to buy a new movie.  I saw it there in the parking lot of the McDonalds.  After a quick read of the agreement, I saw the movie could be returned at our destination!  For a while I only used them for road trips.  Now I rarely do “on demand”.  Even if I keep the redbox movie for 3 nights, it’s still cheaper than “on demand”.  Sure it’s available on demand first but cheaper is better.  LOL

That being said, redbox also offers a lot of free 1 night rentals.  I use the iphone app or get online and browse all the redbox locations in my area.  I don’t even have to stand at the machine.  I can reserve it and decide which machine to go to based on which one has the movie I want.  After it’s reserved, I only have to swipe my card and BINGO, I get my movie.   You can even buy used movies cheap from them. 

So if you’re going to visit a redbox ANYWAY, you can click on this link and I’ll get a free movie rental for refering you.


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