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Are you loving it?

homeschooling….  honestly?  No.  I don’t LOVE it.  I have my reasons for doing it, but I’d much rather have my days to myself.  I can’t get any non-home educating parents to understand that.  My day would be much easier if I took my kids to school every morning and dropped them off.  Then I could have a part-time job (or full-time), talk to adults during the day, dress nicer, maybe hit the gym without having to worry about if the kids are managed, or even just spend the time cleaning the house.  I’d have time for me with no “mommy mommy mommy”.  BUT I can’t think of one single reason to put them in school that isn’t all about me, me, me.  This is not to say that everyone who puts their kids in school is selfish.   I’m only saying that for me it would be a selfish decision.  I’ve made my pros/cons list. 

I read an article the other day that said most home educators are motivated by “fear”.  That lady has it all wrong.  Not liking a lot of what goes on in public schools today is not fear.  It’s disapproval.  Not liking 90% of the other children’s behaviors and 90% of the parents attitudes is not fear.  I’ve dealt with public schools.  Some are great, but too many have a “not my problem” sort of attitude.  I have some wonderful teacher friends, but you don’t always get to know your child’s teacher on a personal level before you let them take part in the molding and shaping of your child.  It’s not always an option.  

Of course I have a lot of unpopular beliefs when it comes to things like that.  I’m used to being judged for it, so go ahead. 

I will not tell anyone that they are wrong for sending their kids to public, private, charter, or religious schools.  Each family has a right to make a choice.  Ask any mommy who has ever tearfully waved goodbye to their preschool baby…making he right choice for you doesn’t always mean it’s the happy choice. 

Just because I don’t blow sunshine and bubbles up people’s backsides about the joys of homeschool doesn’t mean it’s the wrong choice.  If you really and truly know me, then you know there’s not likely to be sunshine and bubbles coming from me about ANYTHING…EVER. 

I remember a discussion I had with a major’s wife a couple years ago about homeschooling.  She said that I was wrong to take my kids out of school because then I was taking some of the good children out of the school system and leaving her child in there with the unsavory.  Seriously, I should leave my kids in school in the hopes of outnumbering the bullies and such?  I, as tactfully as I could (not known for my tact), told her that it wasn’t my responsibility to make schools a better place for her child.  I have to raise my own children. 

There is a bigger picture.  We all have to make our own choices.  Those choices may leave us hacking our way through a jungle with a machete instead of strolling down a well traveled boulevard, but that doesn’t mean the path shouldn’t be traveled.  If no one ever detoured off the beaten path then there would never be change or innovation.  Do I have doubts?  Of course!  I just have to make sure to surround myself with supportive people.  Supportive people don’t have to agree with me, only support that I’ve made my choice and that I didn’t make it lightly.


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