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Drama hurts…

When will people learn that drama hurts?  Do people take pleasure in hurting others?  At least twice a week I want to shut down my facebook account, delete my email, and lock my doors.  I don’t take volunteer work lightly, but it always seems to lead me to heartache.  My daughters wanted to join girl scouts.  Despite my anxiety that makes it difficult for me to walk into situations that I can’t control, we went.  We joined.  I volunteered to help the troop and even paid my yearly dues to be an official adult GS member.  It’s obvious the leader is overwhelmed.  I volunteered to fill any position she needed as she appealed to the parents for help.  Was I chosen to fill a position? Nope.  Was I even contacted? Nope.  Is she still needing help? Yep.  We joined a few homeschool groups, against my instinct to just never leave my home.  It came out that there was a need for a teen group.  We attended the meetings.  Parents asked me to create a facebook page for it.  I did.  Now I see that someone else has started a teen group, too.  I wish I knew what it was I did wrong.  Actually I wish I’d just never volunteered.  It doesn’t make sense to have two groups that the teens have to keep up with both, pick one, or be divided.  Them being divided sort of defeats the purpose.


One thought on “Drama hurts…

  1. Ah Launa,

    It’s cliche but ya know the saying ‘Ya can’t please everyone all the time’? I think it’s doubly true amongst homeschoolers!

    I agree division of ranks is silly. Especially since homeschooling all the way up to the teen/high school years is a rarity that we should all be pulling together to support. That said, if there are going to be folks who are unhappy it’s best they part ways early on and leave the rest to go about their happy way. I would love one united group but ya know, a smaller supportive cohesive group where everyone feels comfortable and gets along sounds great too.

    I think the CTHT group is off to a great start. I noticed the kids replying and chatting together on the Facebook group you started. Yay! You’ve given them a forum where they can reach out to other local teens.

    Don’t get discouraged. The group is going to have growing pains but I feel pretty confident that there’s enough support for the CTHT group to keep it going and growing. If we focus on the kids and letting them have fun and do their thing the bumps along the way will be worth it.

    Hang in there!!!!!


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