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why “yes” I AM a fan of “sleep” on facebook

So last night the hubby and I had “date night”.  I really don’t like crowds or loudness as a rule, but I LOVE music.  Anyhow, date night was tickets to see Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top at the Bell County Expo.  This is my first time going to the expo center.  It’s tiny little venue, but that just could be my perception of it having grown up with the Astrodome.  Even the “nose bleeds” at the expo center are about medium grade seats…so there’s not really a “bad” seat there.  Our seats were awesome.  Side stage about 50-100 feet from the stage.  Essentially front row.  Anyhow, the freakazoids were out in droves for Skynyrd.  I don’t like being in crowds.  I don’t like crazies and drunks.  They scare me, honestly.  If you’re 60, dancing like you’re working a pole, while you slosh beer everywhere then you NEED to be aware that you scare normal people.  Men and women alike fell into this category.  Aaaaannnnnyyyyyhow, the opener was decent.  Can’t remember his name.  Skynyrd was tired.  They were on stage like it was a job at Safeway.  They were yelling at the crowd and getting a little ticked that the crowd wasn’t cheering like they felt they deserved.  Ok, so I’ve always been a fan of the original Skynyrd music, but anything created after 1977 doesn’t count.  Really, it just doesn’t.  1/2 the band died in ’77.  That’s NOT the same as replacing 1 or 2 members.  Now, 2011, there is only 1 original member (a guitarist) remaining.  This means, to me, that they are essentially a cover band or a tribute band and NOT the original Skynyrd.  They cranked the volume up to a point that had me fearing my ears might bleed.  My fault for not remembering my ear plugs.  When ZZTop came out, it was awesome.  They were energetic and appeared to me happy to be there.  They made the performance look fun.  I felt like I ENDURED Skynyrd and ENJOYED ZZTop. 

Showing my age, though, I still managed to drag my carcass into bed by 12:30.  Party animal I am not.


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