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Motivation, egg timers, and malarkey…

So time ticks away on us.  Counting down to an event, a year, an age, a season, or whatever…it’s all the same.  Eventually it becomes NOW.  I am counting down to a deployment.  I haven’t blogged much because I just simply am not allowed to talk about 95% of it.  But my “honey do” list has an almost finite point.  We’re also counting down to my mom visiting.  So there’s a list of things I need to get finished before she comes.  There is a list of things he needs to get finished before he deploys and time is a-ticking.   Anyhow, I’ve been down.  I’ve taken on a lot to try and offset my being down.  My house has suffered.  Ever since we purchased this home I’ve been trying to get and stay organized.  The snowball of chores really hit this week.  Laundry to be folded.  Open and scattered boxes of clothes in my daughters’ room.  (I take whatever free or sale clothing and accessories I can get when they come available to me, then box them up by size and season.  This is the only way I can keep all my urchins in clothes.)  There is completed and half completed paperwork stacked on my coffee table for Girl Scouts, summer camp, homeschool lesson plans etc close to 8 inches high.  There are 2 boxes and a stack of stuff to be put on ebay in my living room.  I’m not even going to touch on the office/sewing room! LOL  Oh and my bedroom…how many parents suffer from the  unfinished or no time to clean master bedroom syndrome?  Me, me, me!  It looks like a hurricane of clothing.  Clothes get folded and stacked but never put away.  I’m out of places to stack them!  I’m certain I’d have plenty to wear if I could just FIND IT!  You get the point.  I’ve got quite a list of chores that I want to finish ASAP.  I can’t stand it anymore.  Of course that doesn’t mean I’m motivated.  LOL  So today I used the egg timer.  I told myself that I only had to clean for 15 minutes at a time, maybe 15 minutes out of every hour.  It’s an egg-cellent trick.  😉  What happens, at least for me, is that I forget I set a timer.  By the time it goes off, I’m busy in the middle of something, on a roll, and don’t want to stop.  So I keep going.  I actually knocked out quite a bit today.  The girls’ room is now tidy, clothing sorted and put away with two boxes of clothes to donate or garage sale.  On top of that I got some of the usual basic stuff done (some laundry, some dishes).  Oh and I wiped down my washer and dryer.  Seriously, when does anyone, in this world, EVER find time to do THAT?  Next on my list to finish this week is my own bedroom.  After that will be the office/sewing room.  Stay tuned…

Now for the malarkey.  Do you ever wonder about other people’s lives?  I see people all the time who lead such a different life that I can’t even imagine it.  Facebook and Twitter are places where you’ll really see a difference.  Posts like “gonna get my drink on”, angry posts telling someone off, posts with such starkly different political or moral standpoints…they’re all like tiny windows that don’t give you the whole picture but still make you shake your head.  I rarely respond.  My mind has a million and one things I’d like to say, but I know these people won’t be receptive.  What they want is people who AGREE with them, not people who will be honest with them.  They don’t care if you have love for them.  In their opinion, if you can’t agree with them then you are way off.   It makes me sad.


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