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PLEASE learn the language of whatever country you choose to reside…

I say this with the UTMOST love and respect in my heart.  It’s not a racist thing.  It’s not an anti-immigration thing.  IT IS A SAFETY THING!  Let me tell you about my day.

I’ve been running errands today.  As a SAHM who homeschools, running errands often gets shoved to the side until it HAS to be done.  I started by taking the twins to the dentist (and myself) for our regular cleaning.  I dislike going, but put on a brave show for the kids.  I know full well that they WILL always find somethinng up with my teeth.  I ended up having to have my bite adjusted.  The twins breezed through their cleaning and even managed to get xrays.  That’s awesome for 5 yr olds.  Next on the list was the mall.  The dreaded mall!!!  I had to get accessories and undies to go with my ball gown for this weekend.  Balls…almost as much fun as going to the dentist.  Anyhow, then the grocery store.  I had to go to walmart this time.  I’m already exhausted from heat.  This child comes up to me looking very frightened.  She’s maybe 5-7 years old.  She tells me she needs medicine because her daddy is sick.  Ok so my heart starts going a mile a minute and I tell her to take me to her daddy.  She says he’s at work but she needs me to give her “sick medicine”.  I ask where her mommy is.  She points at a very worried looking lady on the tylenol isle.  Come to find out this lady can not speak or read english.  She’s looking at tylenol and I finally managed to get her to understand that I want to help.  After a game a charades mixed with her VERY, VERY limited english, I helped her find the Immodium for her husband.  It took me an hour to calm down from the scare that I was going to find a man passed out in the store.

We have a family goal to learn Spanish and a hope to learn some sign language. If we had to move to Germany, we’d have a time of being a lot like this lady…helpless, BUT we’d learn German.  This lady may be in progress of learning English.  We do end up with a lot of people here that have no desire to learn English though.  THAT is something I do not understand.  Likewise, I do not understand why my grandpa’s dad “beat the Greek” out of him.  He wasn’t even allowed to learn Greek because his dad wanted him to be “American”.  That is heritage lost.  So, yes, pass on your heritage, but also adapt to thrive where you live.


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