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Pumpkins, cukes, and are Bob and Larry cannibals?

Deployment update:  I’ve made it through my first “illness” since he left.

People wonder what happens when mommy goes down when daddy is gone.  Hopefully the kids can understand the concept of “mommy doesn’t feel good”.  I am crazy blessed to have wonderful children and an awesome teenager.  My kids have big hearts.  Mommy’s feet got rubbed and her hair got brushed by the little ones.  Alex was awesome at helping to keep his sisters at bay when I did fall asleep on the couch.  He also fed his 3 sisters breakfast and kept them busy by allowing them to watch him play video games while I slept in.  LOL  Yeah, not kidding.  I walked into his room this morning and all 3 of his sisters are piled up in his bed with jaws unhinged and hanging agape in awe at whatever gore filled video game he may have been playing.  Ok probably not gory, but definitely a first person shooter game.  They adore their brother and God only knows just how long they would sit there just to be there with him in the sacred den that girls are not usually allowed to enter.  So today I have felt much better.

So much better, in fact, that I’m cooking up the pumpkins (finally) that Amy gave me from her garden.  I’m going to turn them into pancake batter before I go to bed.  It can sit in the fridge and be ready to go for breakfast in the morning.  Lots of God’s bounty has come from the gardens this year despite the drought.  Amy has given me zucchini and pumpkins.  My own garden was late to be planted, but still has been producing.  I’ve gotten some delicious yellow squash, zucchini, and lots of cucumbers.  One lonely tomato sits on the vine, still green though.  Of course the presence of cucumbers and a tomato in the garden just screams “SALAD” to an adult.  To my girls, however, it makes them question if Bob and Larry eat salad, and if they do doesn’t that make them cannibals???


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