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grrrrr COFFEE!!!!!

A mom enters a quiet and dark kitchen on a Fall morning.  She heads straight for her favorite source of caffine and begins the preparation process.  The dog behind her whimpers.  “ahhh ok I’ll just let him out and then I’ll get my coffee” Back to the coffee corner of the kitchen.  “Mommy, I’m hungry” says the oldest of the little ones.  “ok, coffee can wait.  Cereal or banana bread?” (thinking that both are essentially made and can just be handed to the child)  “Cereal” responds the child.  Mom grabs 3 bowls, because she knows there will be two more children appearing soon, and then returns to the coffee corner.  “But MOOOOOM” chime the two littlest ones who have appeared out of nowhere like they usually do” you said we could have pancakes today!”  AHHHHHH alright.  Pancakes are just in the freezer so mom pulls them out and pops 4 in the microwave and glances wistfully back at coffee corner.  Two plates of pancakes heated, cut, and syruped.  “Mom, can we have whup-cream???”  So to the fridge for the whippedcream.  Then the dog scratches at the door.  The oldest steps up to let the dog in.  “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” screams mom.  It’s muddy outside and the dog will have ridiculously muddy paws.  Mom grabs a towel and goes outside to clean the dog as best as she can.  Back into the house and headed for the corner when “Mom…you forgot our allergy medicine”  Medicine into medicine cups and head back to coffee corner.  “Mom…what about our vitamins?” UGHHHHHH vitamins handed out and back to coffee corner.  “mom when I’m finished can I have some cereal, too??”


Really, who needs coffee?


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