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Our latest chapter…gluten-free and dairy-free

Tinkerbell and Mickey Mouse (photo taken by Kelly McGovern Photography

The precious pumpkins have had eczema since they were around 2 years old.  They’re the youngest of our kiddos.  In 2009 we cleaned all the corn, nuts, eggs, and anything containing malt from our home. 

The eczema continued. 

It had been suggested by many of our friends that we eliminate dairy and gluten. That seemed silly to me because they’d been tested and found to not be allergic to dairy or gluten.  We even switched to raw milk. 

Our family chiropractor suggested that we eliminate dairy and gluten.  I responded with my standard “they’re not allergic to that”.  His answer was that allergy testing is not to be trusted.  I remembered the allergist telling me that with the blood testing we would get false positives, but no false negatives.  That really got me to thinking about how ridiculous that statement is.  It’s like saying “We’re going to run this test and the results aren’t reliable, but we’re going to do it anyway.  It’s only flawed in one direction.”  I’m no longer buying it. 

Today is day 4 since we had the talk in our home.  We sat the children down and explained that we were going gluten and dairy free, too.  Tears were actually shed by Mickey Mouse over her beloved cheese. 

The 1st day was painful, for me.  I had to clean our our pantry and fridge after having already spent our grocery budget for this pay period.  I’m a penny pincher.  It HURT. 

The 2nd day was painful, too.  I had to tell my kiddos “nope, there’s no cheese”  “Nope, no yogurt.”  “Graham crackers are gone, too.”  “Nope, tortillas hit the road.”  And on and on.

The 3rd day they were eating fruit and complaining less. 

So, we know they can have almonds.  They’ve been able to have eggs in baked goods.  We’re going to try them on straight up eggs in about a week to see how they respond.  For now the recipes I post will be gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, corn-free, and soy-free. 


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