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An update on our allergy situation (and stress)

After 3 months of being gluten and dairy free, we were able to confirm that Micky Mouse can not have eggs (even in baked goods).  Add that to the already confirmed list of peanuts and corn.  We reintroduced wheat with no allergic reaction.  Yay!  My grocery budget is relieved.  

We will be trying dairy this week.  This is a process we’re going through because doctors have assured me that the elimination test is the truest test.  

Doctors speculate that her most troublesome allergies are environmental.  She really can’t go outside to play here for even 15-20 minutes without breaking out with eczema and a photo-reactive rash like PMLE.  After that, it takes almost a week to knock the rash out.  

Going gluten-free was especially difficult because we confirmed she couldn’t have eggs.  Gluten-free recipes widely call for eggs, corn, or nuts.  Then there was the hidden allergens like xanthan gum (which I only recently found out is a corn derivative).

Frosting on top o the stressful cake was me beginning IV iron treatments.  Yes, that’s a ball of fun.  

Stress.  Yes, that’s a whole other ball of wax.  There’s been much on me lately.  

The political issues going on here in the US are huge and heavy.  Many do not feel they’re being heard by their elected representatives.  It’s not just recent.  Many think it is, but it’s an escalating trend that spans 4-5 decades.  (I explain that because I know most of my subscribers aren’t American.)  I’m, typically, pretty vocal without being hateful about my own personal stance on it.  My husband is not allowed a stance for obvious reasons.  He serves his country, even when he doesn’t agree with it.  

Anyhow, I’ve been told by acquaintances that my “extreme” religious and political views can be a turn-off to potential (home based party plan business) customers and potential customers in my Etsy store (not like I do a bustling business there).  My thought process on it is that I don’t want anyone in my life who would rather I be fake.  I don’t see myself as extreme in any sense.  I’m one of the most laid-back and calm people I know.  Really.  Getting worked up requires energy I just don’t have.  LOL!  

What I am, though, is honest.  It’s been said to me many times in my life that honesty is one of my best traits.  People know where they stand with me.  I almost never offer an opinion unless asked or in the company of close friends.  

Am I willing to lie about my political beliefs to make a sale?  Um, no.  Am I willing to smother my love for Christ to make a sale?  There isn’t a “no” strong enough to convey my sentiment on that.  

Obviously, I’m not one to just fall in step.  I homeschool my children all the way to college.  I am married to a soldier.  My wedding ring is tattooed on.  We are a non-vaccinating family.  I’m not about to curb myself for sales, especially for something that doesn’t even come close to paying my bills.  

Would you curb your political views or your religion for sales?


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