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Why is this not a goal of every female out there?  Seriously, even some men aspire to it!  😂 Back to my point…I want to scream from the rooftops when I see moms dressing their little girls inappropriately.  I get the whole “only young once” thing, but I’ve always felt like our boys are “men in training” and girls are “ladies in training”.  Isn’t our goal as parents to raise our children with the skills needed to get by in life???  If so, it appears there are a lot of exotic dancers in our futures.

If your dress is so short you can’t bend over without us knowing what brand undies you HOPEFULLY wear, then it’s too short!!!  And does your 5 year old need platform heels???  Honestly, I think it’s a case of mothers living their youth again through their children.  But do they realize that they’re setting their children up for ogling by sickos?

My sister-in-law told me once, and I will carry it always, a simple rule to go by.  It should be tight enough to know you are a girl, but loose enough to know you are a lady.

As far as the house full of daughters that I have…we are firm believer in bike shorts, leggings, tights, tank tops, and even bloomers as secondary under clothes.  (Meaning over the undies but under the clothes). If there is a short skirt on the body then I need to see some knee-length leggings or bloomers peeking out.

I’ve even purchased rash guard swim sets for my twins (of course they also have a skin condition that creates an itchy stingy rash with sun exposure).  I’m on the hunt now for a swim set with boy shorts for my M.  She’s about to be 7 and is so long and lanky (a lot like Mowgali from Jungle Book :D) So if anyone sees any size 6 (little girls) boy short suits anywhere, please point me the right way.


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